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4X Diagnostics provides vibration analysis and diagnostic measurement consulting services, vibration analysis training/certification testing/mentoring, ME’scope software sales/support to manufacturing, technology, research and service industries, local municipalities and government agencies.

We are accomplished in route based vibration programs, remote analysis, dual channel and cross channel vibration measurements, modal analysis, operational deflection shapes (ODS), phase analysis, shaft vibration measurement, product defect analysis, online monitoring, transient capture, torsional vibration, resonance testing, stress wave measurement, human body vibration exposure, noise testing and analysis and more.

4X Diagnostics has written many training courses and technical papers. We have given presentations at national conferences, Vibration Institute meetings and we teach classes for CSI and Mobius Institute.

Vibration Testing & Analysis

Route based data collection & vibration analysis of rotating machines and equipment

Used to determine the mechanical health of machines. Typical measurements include vibration testing to identify mechanical and electrical issues and Stress Wave measurements to identify bearing and gear faults. Including Route Database Creation & Tune-ups.

Motion Amplification

Motion Amplification Video Recording

Motion Amplification is a revolutionary video process that detects subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible with the naked eye.Spectrum and waveform data can be calculated from the video images. 4X Diagnostics is Trained & Certified to complete testing for you.

Remote Data Analysis

Remote Vibration Analysis of Data

Remote analysis and reporting of route based data, online data or any diagnostic measurements.

Operational Deflection Shape

Operational Deflection Shape Analysis

Time or frequency based Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) is used to analyze the motion of rotating equipment and structures. An ODS animates a computer generated model of the machine with phase and magnitude data or simultaneously measured time waveform captures.

Modal Analysis

Modal Analysis

An experimental method of determining the natural frequencies, damping values and mode shapes of a structure. Modal analysis is needed when machine vibration is amplified due to resonance.

Resonance Testing

Resonance Testing

Resonant amplification (Resonance) results whenever forced vibration, from mechanical faults, coincides with a natural frequency. A natural frequency is the frequency or frequencies that a machine “likes” to vibrate or “ring”.

Seismic Vibration Studies

Seismic Vibration Studies

Floor vibration, structure or ground vibration monitoring and analysis. Used for vibration sensitive equipment and slow speed equipment.

Short & Long Term Monitoring

Monitoring of vibration or process signals

Short or long-term monitoring of vibration or process signals. Monitoring instrumentation is 24 channels and is capable of measuring and storing long time waveform captures, trends, spectrums, waveforms.


Sound noise diagnose of vibrations on rotating machines

Airborne noise measurement used to diagnose vibration on rotating machines or to investigate neighborhood noise complaints, or document fence-line noise and human exposure levels.

Ultrasonic Thickness/Inspection

Ultrasonic Thickness/Inspection

Used to determine the thickness of metal castings, metal components and concrete structures.

Fan/Rotor Balancing

Fan Rotor Balancing

Dynamic balancing of rotating equipment in-situ or in a balance stand.

Phase Studies

Phase studies to diagnose vibration sources

Relative or absolute phase studies to diagnose or confirm the source of vibration issues.

Turbine Startups

Vibration Anaylsis of Turbine Startups

Multi-channel measurement and data analysis of turbine startups and shutdowns. Including Speed, Orbits, Shaft Centerline, and Shaft Position measurements.

Acceptance Testing

Vibration Acceptance Testing

To test and evaluate components for compliance & acceptability related to vibration and/or sound.

Transient Capture Analysis

Transient Capture Analysis

Long time waveform captures used to study periodic or non-periodic signals. Transient capture analysis is commonly used when impacting or randomly occurring signals are present.

Vibration Sensor Installs

Permanent Vibration Sensor and Tachometer installations

Typical installations include spot face/surface prep, epoxy/drill and tap, and connector/junction box wiring.

Additional Vibration Analysis Services

Now Certified in Motion Amplification!

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Motion Amplification is a revolutionary video-processing product and software package that detects subtle motion and amplifies that motion to a level visible with the naked eye. Every pixel becomes a sensor creating millions of data points in an instant.

4X Diagnostics owns Motion Amplification Equipment and is Certified by RDI to complete testing for you.

Torsional Resonance of a Vertical Turbine Pump shot with Motion Amplification Technology.  

**Both videos are live** The video on the right shows motion amplified.

Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) Sample

An Operational Deflection Shape (ODS) test was made on a BowTech Liberty compound bow. The purpose of the test was to observe the deformation shape of the bow during and after firing the arrow. ODS testing is a diagnostic measurement technique used on motors, fans, pumps and other rotating machines to reveal the vibratory shape of the machine during normal operation. ODS testing identifies vibration problems resulting from mechanical defects. Twenty-nine vibration accelerometers were attached to the BowTech Liberty compound bow. Vibration was measured in the “X”, “Y” and “Z” directions. As the arrow was released, all sensor signals were simultaneously acquired using a Computational Systems, Inc. XP-32 Machinery Health Expert analyzer. The XP-32 is a 32-channel data acquisition system.