Motion Amplification®


Motion Amplification® is a proprietary video processing technique that detects subtle displacement and then converts that movement to a level visible with the naked eye.


Measure and quantify the motion of mechanical or structural assets using a high-speed camera with the same accuracy as a contacting displacement sensor.


Filter your data and visualize movement at specific frequencies, analyze time waveforms, spectra, orbits and phase relationships to find the true source of a problem and help position your team to fix it.


Enhance understanding of machine deformation and component faults by providing a real-time visual communication tool for technical and non-technical resources.

Vibration Monitoring and Motion Analysis

Motion Amplification® enables the user to see the fault by visualizing the motion of the entire machine, its structure and base, and surrounding environment to determine the root cause. This enables the users to quickly and comprehensively diagnose machinery in a simple and easy-to-understand video. This video can be used to close the communication gap between technical and non-technical resources and empowers them to fix problems. This is high-level analysis in its’ simplest form.

Experience Matters

4X Diagnostics has been a certified Motion Amplification service provider since 2016 providing service to many industries, including the following:

  • Power Generation
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Mining
  • Tooling
  • Cement
  • Aluminum
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Healthcare
  • Water Treatment
  • Government Agencies

We are proficient using the IRIS M™, IRIS MX™, IRIS CM™ and Phantom Ultra High-Speed camera systems and can perform a variety of tests depending on your application.

Motion Amplification Examples